Our Aim and Motto

Today marks the commencement of another forward progressive step in the Club’s history – promotion to the League of Wales (albeit after a traumatic appeals procedure), a move to a “Limited Company” status whose brief and resolve is, within a reasonable time to schedule, identify, purchase and develop a site for a completely new stadium because our home for over one hundred years may not be adaptable for future criterea envisaged.

To help achieve our forward looking aims the new Limited Company Board of Directors comprises several prominent business perosns whose dedication and input has been quite phenominal over the past three years.

Anyone logging onto our Website who considers they would like to join the new Club set-up in any capacity please feel free to contact any current Club members.

The Club has an enviable playing record, certainly since the last war, and now have a young enthusiastic manager in former Club goalkeeper Russell Cadwallader who follows a string of well known and respected persons in the past.