Warnock won’t back down

Warnock launched into fierce criticism of Poll after he allowed play to continue with United’s Wayne Allison down injured in the run-up to Arsenal’s winning goal in their semi-final.Sheffield United boss Neil Warnock is refusing to back down over his comments about the performance of referee Graham Poll during their FA Cup loss to Arsenal.

The FA said on Monday it was studying Warnock’s comments to determine whether he should face any disciplinary charges.

But the Blades boss was sticking to his guns.

“All we want is fairness,” he told BBC Radio 4. “It is hard enough playing against Arsenal when everything is 50-50, but some of the decisions yesterday went 60-40 to 70-30 against us.

“The thing that really upset me was that the (referee’s) positioning was so poor. He was in such a bad position, and instead of giving the benefit of the doubt with a free-kick he waved play on.”

If they do charge me then I’ll defend myself rigorously
Neil Warnock

Asked whether he fears the possibility of a disrepute charge from the FA, Warnock said: “No. I have not said anything detrimental. I have just stated the facts, told the truth.

“Graham Poll is a nice bloke. The incident was a disgrace.

“I don’t think I’ve said anything untoward that would warrant a charge. I’ve just told the truth as I saw it.

“I’m still aggrieved at what happened, but I’ve no regrets about what I said.

“If they (the FA) look at the video they might be quite embarrassed themselves and if they do charge me then I’ll defend myself rigorously – and I’ll probably take a few referees as witnesses.

“But there’s far more important things the FA should do than look into charging me for what I’ve said. I guess it’s just a matter of priorities.”